New Grad Students

If you are an incoming graduate student, you might find the questions below useful. A number of the forms that you may need are in the link entitled “current students”. Remember if you have any questions, so not hesitate to ask.

Q1. How do I find housing information?

A1. You can find housing details through FIU’s Department of Housing and Residential Life for on campus housing information ( You can also visit the web site of the FIU Office of Orientation and Commuter Student Services ( for off-campus information.

Q2. Do I need to register for graduate courses before I arrive at FIU?

A2. No. The courses you need to take for the first semester will be determined by you and the Graduate Program Director (GPD) after you have taken the proficiency examinations.

Q3. When do I expect to receive my first paycheck if I am offered a RA or TA?

A3. It will take some time to receive your first paycheck because FIU Human Resources need to complete your contract paper work. For domestic students, this process may take a few weeks. However, a longer waiting time is expected for foreign students because a social security number is required before completion of contract. Therefore, it is imperative that new foreign students apply for your SSN immediately after arriving on campus. Please contact with the department GPA for assistance.

Q4. How do I process my health insurance paper work?

A4. FIU will subsidize 75% of your health insurance. The rest (25%) will be deducted from your paycheck during the first semester. You will be notified when this is going to occur.

Q5. How many credit hours do I need to register for the first semester?

A5. You must register for 10 credits if you enter the program in the spring or fall semesters or 6 credits if you enter in the summer. The courses you will have to register will be determined after consulting with the GPD.

Q6. Do I need to pay fees while I register for classes?

A6. Yes. If you will be a full time student with FIU support, FIU will pay for your tuition. However, you are responsible for per credit hour fees and for semester fees. For example, student needs to pay approximately $759.89 fees for fall 2010 as specified below. Per credit hour fees $59.03/credit hour ($590.3 for 10 credits*) = $590.3 Fall semester fees: Athletics ($10.00), Health ($67.20), Parking ($82.39) = 159.59, and Photo ID ($10.00) = $169.59 Note the fees may change for the future semesters.

Q7. What type of orientations for new graduate students do I have to attend and when will the proficiency exams be held?

A7. It is required that you arrive on campus one week before the new semester starts to proceed with the admission’s process, proficiencies exams and orientation events. You will need to attend the departmental orientation during the week before the classes start. During orientation week you will take proficiency exams and register for classes. All international students are also required to attend the International Student and Scholar Services, (ISSS) orientation. The schedule for ISSS orientation can be found at All graduate students need to attend the University Graduate School (UGS) orientation (