Duties of teaching assistants (TAs)

Teaching Assistants are typically assigned for 20 hours per week, usually 2-3 sections of a laboratory class during the academic year. Students will be paid in bi-weekly paychecks. Assigned duties may include:

Supervision of 2-3 laboratory sections per week. Since some laboratory courses meet for differing lengths of time, alternate duties may be added or subtracted to ensure that TA effort workloads are equally distributed

  • Grading of lecture- or laboratory-related quizzes, exams, reports, etc.
  • Attendance at weekly laboratory meetings and/or course-related lectures
  • Preparation and organization of laboratories
  • Consultation and office hours with students
  • Proctoring and grading of lecture exams

Attendance of workshops and meetings held by the department as required for training and coordination. Teaching assistants are required to enroll in 1-2 credits of supervised teaching CHM 6940. The course may include teaching orientation and regular meetings to address teaching issues throughout the semester and all TAs are required to attend.