Chemistry Club


The Chemistry Club at Florida International University was recognized as a Chapter of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society in October 1979. The chapter gives the opportunity for students of chemistry related sciences to become better acquainted with a myriad of subjects in the chemical profession and provides experience in preparing and presenting technical material. It also fosters the awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist. Moreover, academic as well as employment information concerning the field of chemistry are disseminated. Guest speakers are invited for speeches as well as workshops. The chemistry club sponsors and co-sponsors seminars presented by the Chemistry Department. We are involved in many events throughout the year such as chemistry demonstrations for elementary school students, collaborations with other club activities, field trips to Dade County's Crime Laboratory, Dade's Drug Enforcement Administrations Laboratory, and presenting in National conferences. Parties are celebrated on different occasions such as socials, end/beginning of the year BBQ, Halloween, and an annual picnic at the end of the semester is organized. The Chemistry Club co-sponsors along with the South Florida Section of the American Chemical Society the annual banquet dinner held at FIU, where awards are given to the best BS senior student, best BA senior student, best freshman from both campuses UP and North Campus. An additional award known as the Jesus P. Lopez Memorial Service Award is given to a student with the most service contribution to the Chemistry Club. The University of Miami, Barry University, and Nova participate as well in this award banquet.

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