B.A. in Chemistry with Chemical Education Major

Requirements for Admission into the Major

Students admitted to the university are admitted directly to their chosen major. Students are expected to make good progress based on critical indicators, such as GPA in specific courses or credits earned. In cases where students are not making good progress, a change of major may be required. Advisors work to redirect students to more appropriate majors when critical indicators are not met.

Curricular Requirements of the Degree

  • Total number of hours: 120
  • UCC courses: 38 hours

Common Pre-requisites

Physical Sciences

Course Description Hours
CHM 1045 General Chemistry I 3
CHM 1045L General Chemistry Lab I 1

Quantitative Reasoning:

Course Description Hours
MAC 2311 Calculus I 4
MAC 2312 Calculus II 4

Additional Lower Division Coursework

Life Sciences

Course Description Hours
BSC 1010 General Biology I 3
BSC 1010L General Biology I Lab 1

Social Inquiry

Course Description Hours
DEP 2000 Human Growth and Development 3
  • Other UCC courses: 19 hours
  • Other Common Pre-Requisites: 27 hours
Course Description Hours
CHM 1046 General Chemistry II 3
CHM 1046L General Chemistry Lab II 1
CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHM 2210L Organic Chemistry Lab I 1
CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHM 2211L Organic Chemistry Lab II 1
PHY 2048 Physics with Calculus I* 4
PHY 2048L Physics with Calculus Lab I 1
PHY 2049 Physics with Calculus II* 4
PHY 2049L Physics with Calculus Lab II 1

Note* PHY 2053 and PHY 2054 are acceptable

Chemistry Coursework: 24 hours

Required Courses

Course Description Hours
CHM 3945 Chemical Education Seminarf 1
CHM 3120 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry 3
CHM 3120L Introduction to Analytical Chem Lab 1
CHM 3400 Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry* 3
CHM 3400L Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry Lab 1
CHM 4304 Biological Chemistry 3
CHM 4304L Biological Chemistry Lab 1
CHM 4930 Senior Seminar 1
CHS 4702 Inquiry Instruction Workshop 3

Note* CHM 3410 is acceptable


List 1

Course Description Hours
BSC 1011 General Biology II 3
BSC 1011L General Biology II Lab 1

List 2

elect any 2 courses. One must include a lab (7 credit hr. minimum)

Course Description Hours
CHM 3411 Physical Chemistry II 4
CHM 3411L Physical Chemistry II Lab 2
CHM 3610 Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHM 4130 Instrumental Analysis 3
CHM 4130L Instrumental Analysis Lab 1
CHM 4220 Advanced Organic Chemistry 3
CHM 4230L Structure Determination Lab 1
CHM 4300 Biological Organic Chemistry 3
CHM 4307 Biological Chemistry II 3
CHM 4611L Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lab 1

College of Education Coursework: 23 hours

Course Description Hours
RED 4325 Subject Area Reading† 3
SCE 4194 Perspectives in Science Education† 3
TSL 4324 ESOL for Content Areas Teachers† 3
SCE 4894 Nature of Math and Science 3
SCE 4330 Secondary Science Teaching Methods† 3
SCE 4931 Senior Seminar in Science Education 2
SCE 4944 Student Teaching† 6

These courses require field experience. Please speak to your advisor regarding the requirements for field experiences.

Additional Electives

The balance of the 120 credit hour requirement for graduation should be chosen in consultation with the student’s departmental and/or teacher preparation advisor(s).

Other Arts and Sciences Requirements

  1. A minimum of 120 semester hours in acceptable coursework is required.
  2. At least half of the upper division credits in any major must have been taken in at FIU.
  3. In the last 60 semester hours of enrollment, students must earn nine semester hours of elective credits through coursework outside the major, six of which are to be taken outside the department sponsoring the program.
  4. Students must earn a grade of C or higher in all courses required for the major. A grade of C- or lower is not acceptable in any required course.
  5. Of the total number of hours submitted for graduation, a minimum of 48 semester hours must be in upper division courses.
  6. Students must demonstrate competency in a foreign language or in American Sign Language at the level of the second semester of a college language sequence. (High school courses cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.) This requirement may be met by successfully completing with a grade of C or better (C- does not count): a) the second semester of a two-semester sequence basic language course or b) any second-year or third-year foreign language course. This requirement may also be fulfilled by presenting acceptable scores in the Advanced Placement Exam, the SAT II, the CLEP exam, or other approved instruments. Students should consult their advisors for more specific information.
  7. One- and two-credit physical activity courses (with the prefixes PEL, PEM, PEN) cannot be included as part of the hours needed for graduation.

Additional Graduation Requirements:

All majors are required to meet the following requirements before they can graduate from this teacher preparation program:

  1. Have an overall GPA of 2.5
  2. Successfully demonstrate all the Florida Educator Accomplish Practices at the pre-professional level. This is done throughout your coursework in the College of Education.
  3. Pass the FTCE General Knowledge, Professional Educator, and Subject Area exams prior to graduation.