FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What undergraduate programs of study are available through the chemistry department for FIU students?

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has two undergraduate majors - a B.S. major for students interested in applying to graduate school in chemistry or in a career as a chemist, and a B.A. major which is offered with a choice of four different concentrations. In addition to the standard B.A. degree the student has a choice of a B.A. with a biochemistry concentration, an environmental concentration, and a forensic concentration. The Department also offers a major in chemical education. FIU also has a ,Forensic Science Certificate Program, an interdisciplinary program for students interested in a career in the forensic sciences.

To whom do I speak to for advising in chemistry?

Please see the academic advising page for the department by on it.

Departmental Academic Adviser is

  • Gali Milbauer CP 323A

Faculty members in charge of advising:

  • Dr. Jeffrey A. Joens 305-348-3121 joensj@fiu.edu CP 331 (Modesto Maidique Campus)
  • Dr. Milagros Delgado 305-919-5966 delgadom@fiu.edu ACI 382A (Biscayne Bay Campus)

To whom do I speak to for pre-health professional (pre-medical, pre-pharmacy, pre-veterinary medicine, pre-dentistry) advising?

FIU has a pre-health professional advising office. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the health professions please visit their website or contact them at preprofc@fiu.edu.

The Pre-Health Professional Advisor (John Landrum).

To whom do I speak about getting into a closed lecture class?

Contact the instructor of the class you wish to enroll in or the academic adviser.

To whom do I speak about getting into a closed lab course?

There are no waiting lists for laboratory classes. To try and add a closed lab you must show up for early for the first day of class and let the instructor or laboratory coordinator know that you are trying to obtain an override. Students who are late for, or miss, the first day of lab will be dropped from the lab, and students who are waiting to add the lab will be given overrides until the lab is full. For additional information contact the General Chemistry Lab Coordinator (Palmer Graves), Organic Laboratory Coordinator (Sandra Stojanovic), Introduction to Analytical Chemistry Lab Coordinator (Joseph Lichter), or Undergraduate Adviser ( Jeff Joens). For assistance for labs on the Biscayne Bay Campus contact Milagros Delgado.

Do I have to attend lab the first week of class?

Yes, all general Chemistry labs: 1032, 1045, and 1046 as well as CHS3501 will meet the first week. Students who do not attend the first session will be dropped from the lab.