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ImageThe Bachelor of Science Degree offered by Florida International University is Certified by the American Chemical Society. This program requires the student at least 3 semester credits of CHM 4910L, completing an undergraduate research project in Chemistry under the direction of a research faculty member. This page is designed to clarify the expectations of this research requirement and provide guidance through the process of selecting a research mentor.

Undergraduate Research provides you the opportunity to be an active contributor to the extension of the body of knowledge in chemistry and/or biochemistry. You will work directly with one of the research groups in the Department. At the conclusion of the research project you will be expected to author a report, written in the style and format of a research publication in an ACS peer-reviewed journal.

It is quite possible the results of your efforts will become a component of a presentation at a major national or international scientific meeting and/or a publication in a peer-reviewed journal. This might be as a co-author or in some instances even as the first author of a poster, oral presentation or publication. Every year a number of our Imageundergraduate students travel to the meetings of the American Chemical Society or another major scientific meeting where they present their work to other scientists in the discipline.

It is expected that each student will need to spend between 15-20 hours/week working in the laboratory and become an active member of the research group that is selected. This includes attending group meetings and other activities. Fulfillment of undergraduate research project and the assignment of a passing grade in CHM 4910L, typically encompasses several semesters of involvement with a project. It is rare that a student can complete this requirement in less than two semesters. We encourage all Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or Biochemistry Majors to begin thinking about the selection of a research mentor no later than the conclusion of Organic Chemistry II (CHM 2211).

In these pages you will find information about what each research group is doing and their contact information. You will also find other information which we hope you will find useful.

Please feel free to peruse the site in order to become more informed about the research opportunities that are available to you as an undergraduate at FIU.

Approaching a research group within the Department of Chemistry

Upcoming events where students and faculty present their research.

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Catalogue course descriptions of research courses.

American Chemical Society Guidelines to Undergraduate Research

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