Approaching a research group within the Department of Chemistry

ImageOnce you have looked over the materials that have been presented in this web page, it is best to narrow your search to only a few research groups. You should then contact the group and express an interest in working with them. You can begin the conversation by writing the major professor or designee a formal email introducing yourself, letting them know the reason you are writing this email and asking them for either more information about the possible research projects which are available in their group or possibly arranging to have a meeting. Alternatively, the professor might ask you to attend their group meetings so you can determine if you are really interested in working with the group.

Remember a research project is not usually done over one semester. This process should be begun at least one semester prior to enrollment into the CHM 4910L course. You will then be expected to work with the group for one year after that. This is a decision you should begin thinking about early and thoroughtly before choosing a research adviser.