Getting Prepared for the Undergraduate Research Experience

For most of you this will be your first Research Experience in a Chemistry Laboratory. Each student is required to undergo safety training in order to work in the lab. All students are required to complete the "core training" series . Additionally, most students will also be required to take "Chemical Safety Training" series. Depending on the research area there may be other courses required. These will be made clear once you have joined a group. On the left is a link to the Lab Safety Training Portal which is maintained by Environmental Health and Safety. There can be found links to the safety training which is available.

  • The core training must be completed just before you begin working in any lab. Once this training has been completed, you are required to print out the certificate and provide copies for both the major professor and the lab manager
  • Prior to beginning your work in the laboratory, you should also review the material from your courses and elsewhere which might be useful for the particular area in research you you have chosen. You should ask your prospective group members what material would be most useful to review.
  • Familiarity with search engines, such as the Science Citation Index, Scifinder Scholar and other sources available at the library may be most useful. To see the relevant page in the library site, click here. Then click on "Databases"