Research Groups

Listed below are the various research groups that are working with undergraduate chemistry students in the Department The table indicates the general sub-discipline and/or emphasis of the research. Notice that some groups carry out research in various areas and may be listed several times and in different sub-disciplines/research emphases.

In order to better decide on which area of research to choose, there are several opportunities you may be able to take advantage of to learn more about the projects that are being carried out. Some of these are:

  • Graduate Visitation Day (prospective graduate students visit the department. Faculty present their research)
  • Undergraduate Seminsr (As part of the requirement for graduation,the capstone course is CHM 4930. During this class Senior Graduate Students present a seminar. Often the student who have carried out undergraduate research will present their research findings. This is s good place to learn about the research being carried out in each group). In this page will be posted information about these presentations as they occur.
  • Weekly Departmental Seminars
  • Undergraduate Research Forum
  • Graduate Student Orientation
  • MBRS-RISE Symposium

As the semester progresses you may access the most current information about available opportunities to learn about the research opportunities offered by clicking on the link on the left sidebar entitled "Upcoming Research Events"

Analytical Biochemistry Environmental Forensic Inorganic Organic Physical Radiochemistry Chemical Education
Jose Almirall David Chatfield John Berry Jose Almirall Konstantinos Kavallieratos Stanislaw Wnuk David Chatfield Konstantinos Kavallieratos Sonia Underwood
John Berry Joong-Ho Moon Yong Cai Anthony DeCaprio Raphael Raptis Watson Lees Alexander Mebel Raphael Raptis Justin Carmel
Yong Cai Francisco Fernandez-Lima Piero Gardinali Kenneth G. Furton John Landrum Kathleen Rein Jaroslava Miksovska Christopher Dares
Anthony deCaprio Raphael Raptis Rudolf Jaffe Bruce McCord Christopher Dares Joong-Ho Moon Christopher Dares
Kenneth G. Furton John Landrum Kevin O'Shea Kevin O'Shea
Francisco Fernandez-Lima Watson Lees Kathleen Rein Martin Quirke
Piero Gardinali Kathleen Rein
Rudolf Jaffe Fenfei Leng
John Landrum Yuan Liu
Bruce McCord Xiaotang Wang
Yi Xiao Jaroslava Miksovska
Yuk-Ching Tse-Dinh
Stephen A. Winkle