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Upcoming Research Events

Within these links you will find information about events where our student present their research results as poster sessions or actual talks. These events will take place at different times during the year. In this page the scheduled events should appear.

Some of these are:

  • Graduate Visitation Day (prospective graduate students visit the department. Faculty present their research)
  • Undergraduate Seminsr (As part of the requirement for graduation,the capstone course is CHM 4930. During this class Senior Graduate Students present a seminar. Often the student who have carried out undergraduate research will present their research findings. This is a good place to learn about the research being carried out in each group). In this page you will find information about these presentations as they occur.
  • Weekly Departmental Seminars
  • Undergraduate Research Forum
  • Graduate Student Orientation
  • MBRS-RISE Symposium

As the semester progresses current information will be posted pertaining to these and other events.

There are no upcoming events. Browse the events archives by using the links to the left.