Congratulations are in order for Professor Sonia Underwood and Professor Justin Carmel.

  • PI – Sonia Underwood, NSF, $150,495 for 2 year project, "Collaborative Research: Creating Assessments for Student Understanding of Core Chemistry Ideas in Introductory Biology" A collaborative grant between FIU and Michigan State University.
  • PI – Sonia Underwood, Co-PI – Justin Carmel, NSF, $321,529 for a 5 year project, "Collaborative Research: Extending A Coherent Gateway to STEM Teaching and Learning”. A collaborative grant among FIU, Michigan State University, Grand Valley State University and Kansas State University
  • PI - Justin Carmel, NSF, $188,270 “Collaborative Research: Developing Items to Assess Students’ Understanding of Scientific Practices in Chemistry Laboratory Settings" Collaborative grant among FIU, Michigan State University and Grand Valley State University.