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Student affiliate chapters at both campuses receive outstanding chapter award from ACS

FIU has two student affiliates chapters of the American Chemical Society, one at the MM campus and one at the BBC. In 2009, BOTH chapters won the top ACS award for affiliates chapters (Outstanding). Congratulations to our dedicated chapters!

IFRI undergraduates perform outreach for high school students at Miami Science Museum On November 13 and 14th, 2009, graduate and undergraduate students from IFRI, comprised of representatives from the Departments of Chemistry and Biology, put together an outreach program at the Miami Science Museum.

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Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Kenneth G. Furton, has announced the appointment of Dr. Rudolf Jaffé as the first recipient of the George Barley Professorship in Everglades Research. The appointment is financially supported by interest income from the SERC endowment built on a variety of sources, including state matching funds.

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In the April 26th, 2010 edition of Chemical and Engineering news, an article entitled "The Future is In Good Hands", highlights FIU’S own Dionne Dickson as a current participant in the ACS Scholars program. The article discusses her research, her recent oral presentation at the ACS conference in San Francisco, and more.

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Jose Almirall, chemistry professor and director of FIU’s International Forensics Research Institute (IFRI), and his research team have been attracting national attention for their cutting-edge research on how laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) can be used in crime labs.

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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has awarded FIU with a $1-million grant for science education. The award is intended to bring innovative methods of teaching science into the introductory courses of physics, chemistry and biology. The HHMI program will be directed by Laird Kramer (physics), and co-directed by Eric Brewe (Education), David Brookes (Physics Education), Orphelia Weeks (Biology) and Joseph Lichter (Chemistry).

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Zaida C. Morales-Martínez, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Florida International University, was selected as the recipient of the 2011 American Chemical Society (ACS) National Award for Volunteer Service to the Society. ACS is the largest scientific organization in the world with over 150,000 members.

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IFRI and Chemistry PhD student Samantha Tolliver receives prestigious Toxicology Award.

Samantha Tolliver, a PhD Chemistry student (Forensic Track) has been awarded a prestigious Society of Forensic Toxicology travel award to attend the next meeting of the SOFT in Richmond Virginia. Ms. Tolliver has been invited to make an oral presentation at the conference based on her FIU research.

Dr. Jarka Miksovska was awarded a James & Esther King Biomedical Research Program grant

Dr. Jarka Miksovska was awarded a James & Esther King Biomedical Research Program grant to study conformation dynamics in two six-coordinate hemoglobins, neroglobin and cytoglobin, using time-resolved photothermal techniques and fluerescence spectroscopy.

Agilent Technologies has provided FIU with an unrestricted gift of $42,000 to support Dr. McCord's research in the development of microfluidic based DNA typing through their University Relations Program.This project involves the development of postage stamp sized microchips to separate and genotype DNA for purposes of human identification in forensic analysis.

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For the full story, click on the following link:  Kathryn Perez, 2009 Amgen Scholar   Culinary chemist 2009 Amgen Scholar moves from the kitchen to the chemistry lab Several years before her summer with the Amgen Scholars in 2009, Kathryn Pérez was starting a career in culinary arts. As a student, she immersed herself in classes on cooking, developing menus and setting prices, and later she put those skills to practice in several Miami restaurants.

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ARCH grant was renewed for $495,000 for the upcoming year.

ARCH grant was renewed for $495,000 for the upcoming year.


The Zaida Morales-Martínez Prize for Outstanding Mentoring of ACS Scholars will be a $1,000 cash prize given annually, starting in 2011. ROBERT L. LICHTER, principal at Merrimack Consultants, has created a new prize to recognize mentors of the ACS Scholars Program, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

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Drs. Kelly Rein, John Berry, Yong Cai and Berrin Serdar of Public Health

Drs. Kelly Rein, Dr. John Berry, Yong Cai, and Dr. Berrin Serdar (Public Health) were awarded an Administrative Supplement to the ARCH grant from the NIH in the amount of $200,000 (total) per year for 2 years.

Bruce McCord receives a $294K grant from the National Institute of Justice

Bruce McCord receives a $294K grant from the National Institute of Justice for a project entitled "Detection and remediation of PCR inhibition using real time PCR melt curves as a diagnostic tool".


Dr. Almirall receives 2 grants totaling $ 581,318 over 2 years.

Dr. Almirall recently received two research grants from the National Institute of Justice. The first grant is a research grant to improve the quality of Forensic Science evidence through improvements in analytical chemistry and the second grant is to train 150 forensic scientists from around the country in forensic examinations. The total grant funds awarded were $581,318 over two years.