Community Foundation of Broward awards $125,000 2-yr grant to BSI faculty research group

Experts in drug screening, DNA repair and cancer biology, Yuk-Ching Tse-Dinh along with biochemist Yuan Liu, both from the College of Arts & Sciences, and Irina Agoulnik from the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine are leading the project. It will explore new leads for drug treatments of prostate cancer through research in cancer biology, DNA repair and drug screening. This particular approach will address the biomolecular mechanisms of the disease and holds great potential for novel therapies.

With the help of the Community Foundation of Broward, FIU experts hope to find a way to inhibit DNA repair in prostate cancer cells that will effectively reduce or block the growth of tumors and prolong life in advanced prostate cancer patients. Evidence shows that the DNA repair function of cancer cells contributes to tumor growth in prostate cancer patients. Discovering how to block this DNA repair in cancer cells can lead to new treatments.

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