FIU Chemistry & Biochemistry Group is awarded a US Patent

Dr. Konstantinos Kavallieratos at the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department in collaboration with Dr. Nikolaos Tsoukias, at FIU Biomedical Engineering Department and chemistry graduate student Lissette Lozano-Lewis have invented a family of new Organometallic Nitric Oxide Fluorescent Sensors. (US PATENT: 8,906,694 B2) Nitric oxide (NO) is an endogenously produced molecule that plays critical roles in numerous physiological processes.

The Nitric Oxide Fluorescent Sensing is a direct result of spectroscopic changes that occur upon reaction of NO with an organometallic complex, demonstrating a new paradigm of NO detection mechanism. This can be expanded to a broader family of complexes that can be commercialized at a substantially lower cost than current NO dyes. This technology is expected to provide a low cost, ratiometric fluorescent probe that will directly detect and quantify NO in biological tissues and replace commercially available fluorescent indicators.