FIU Research Group develops novel method to identify anticancer drugs.

From left to right Dr. Jeremy Chambers (COM), Fenfei Leng, Nicole Alonso and Roboan Guillen.

Two students in Dr. Fenfei Leng's research group at Florida International University invented a novel method to identify anticancer drugs. Nicole Alonso and Roboan Guillen, have recently invented an innovative method to screen anticancer drugs targeting protein-DNA and protein-RNA interactions in a high throughput format. Their work has been recently published in a prestigious biochemistry journal Nucleic Acids Research. This research is a collaboration effort between Dr. Leng’s lab in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Dr. Chambers' lab at College of Medicine. A patent that describes this new method has been filed by FIU Technology Management and Commercialization.

The following are reviewers’ comments regarding this invention:

"This method represents a significant progress in study of protein-nucleic acids interactions and has great potential to identify druggable compounds that may benefit human health.”

“The work is significant and of broad interest because there are few convenient assays for protein-nucleic acid binding that are amenable to high-throughput screening. The method described here will fill an important gap and promises to be of great utility.”

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