Four major nuclear research grants in excess of $1 Million awarded to FIU this summer

This was a summer with major breakthroughs for our growing nuclear program, with four major awards! Specifically:

  • an interdisciplinary research team led by Dr. Konstantinos Kavallieratos secured a $298,000 phase-1, 1-year award from Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (a subsidiary of US Dept. of Energy Office of Environmental Management) for advanced Cesium and Actinide separations from High-Level Waste.

This was followed by two recommendations for awards from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission:

  • A $285,000 award (also led by Dr. Kavallieratos) to grow our Nuclear Research Fellowships program to 6 supported graduate students per year and grow our new radiochemistry Ph.D. track
  • A $450,000 award (led by Dr. Chatfield) to secure the hiring of new faculty in this area.

Finally the US Dept. of Energy office of Nuclear Energy, via their Nuclear Energy University Programs (NEUP), selected FIU for:

  • Direct fellowship award to FIU graduate and undergraduate students who will do research in the field of Nuclear Energy. This award has a ceiling of support up to $3 Million dollars for the next 5 years, with the exact award amount depending on the number of students supported , and the growth of our program.

Congratulations to all who were instrumental in these endeavors.