FIU Nuclear Fellowship Program sponsored by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

The FIU Nuclear Fellowship Program funded by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission is committed to increasing the quality and quantity of students successfully completing Ph.D. degrees in the new radiochemistry Ph.D track, within the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Ph.D.program. FIU Nuclear fellow graduates are well positioned for employment in the US Nuclear Industry, US Department of Energy Facilities, such as National Laboratories, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission , the US Department of Defense, as well as other branches of academia, industry, and government.

Eligibility (for incoming FIU graduate students):

  • Have earned a BS degree in a STEM discipline
  • Complete application to the Chemistry Ph.D. program (Radiochemistry Ph.D. Track)
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
  • Minimum 3.3 undergraduate GPA
  • Future interest in a nuclear/radiochemistry related research project and nuclear employment

Eligibility (for current FIU graduate students):

  • Good current standing in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Ph.D. program
  • Rating of at least satisfactory in the Annual Graduate Student Evaluation and Mentoring Form
  • Graduate GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
  • Willingness to complete requirements for Radiochemistry Ph.D. track
  • Future interest in a nuclear/radiochemistry related research project and nuclear employment.

Award Benefits:

  • $23,460 annual stipend plus full tuition/fees for a period of 2 years (equivalent to full Research Assistantship support and adjustable every year, as this support increases)
  • State of the art research projects with faculty mentors in the fields of Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemsitry
  • Professional development seminars, workshops, and social events
  • Travel funding to professional meetings
  • Funding for research materials and supplies
  • Interdisciplinary research opportunities
  • Opportunities for summer research and networking at State-of-the-Art Nuclear Facilities at National Labs, such as Oak Ridge National Lab, Savannah River National Lab, and Idaho National Lab.

Application Deadlines: Oct 15th (for support beginning in Spring semesters) or Feb. 15th (for support beginning in Fall semesters)

Program Contacts for NRC Fellowships:

  • Konstantinos Kavallieratos, Ph.D., Program Director,, (305) 348-6034
  • Dave Roelant, Ph..D. Program Co-Director, (305) 348-6225

Program Contacts for Graduate Studies in Chemistry (Radiochemistry Ph.D. track)

  • Watson Lees, Ph.D., Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Program Director. (305) 348-3993
  • Maggie Autie, Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Office Specialist,, (305) 348-3596