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Academic advisors are here to assist you in all matters regarding your academic success at FIU. We highly encourage you to come in and meet with us at your convenience, at least once per semester.

  • Scheduling an Appointment

    To reserve an appointment to meet with an assigned advisor, students should access the Panther Success Network via Students can select the time and date that works best for their schedule.

    Walk-in advising is no longer available.

    If a student has an urgent matter and cannot make an appointment with their assigned advisor in Chemistry, or is not a Chemistry major, they should call 305-348-1907 to inquire about making a same-day appointment.

Enrollment Issues

Students who have enrollment issues as listed below do not need to make an appointment with their advisor. The student should instead email If an appointment is needed the advisor will indicate that in response to the email. Students should email:

  • If prerequisites taken at another institution have not yet been updated in the student’s records
  • If prerequisites taken at FIU or transferred are not recognized by the system
  • For waitlist requests for closed classes (only CHM 1045, CHM 1046, CHM 3120)
  • For other inquiries regarding closed classes

Students must include their Panther ID number, attach a clear copy of the unofficial transcript (must include the student’s name), and indicate which specific section of the course they would like to enroll into.

Transfer Courses

Students who need to have transfer courses equated to FIU courses should email their official transcript and syllabus of the course directly to their assigned advisor for evaluation.

Contact Information

Room:  OE 163
Phone:  305-348-1907