Sonia Underwood

Sonia Underwood


B.S. – University of Central Florida

Ph.D. – Clemson University

Postdoctoral Fellowship – Clemson University

Research Associate – Michigan State University

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Research Interests:

Chemistry Education

(1) developing assessment measures to determine impact of curriculum transformations

(2) investigating the ways in which students use a chemical structure (i.e. Lewis structure) to predict a compound’s macroscopic properties (i.e. reactivity and acidity/basicity)

(3) exploring the connections students make between their chemistry, biology, and physics courses.

Selected Publications

Cooper, M.M.; Caballero, M.D.; Ebert-May, D.; Fata-Hartley, C.L.; Jardeleza, S.E.; Krajcik. J.S.; Laverty, J.T.; Matz, R.L.; Posey, L.A.; Underwood, S.M. “Transforming how we teach is good, but transforming what we expect students to learn is better”, Science, 2015, 350, 281-282.

Cooper, M.M.; Corley, L.M.; Underwood, S.M. “An investigation of college chemistry students' understanding of structure–property relationships,” Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 2013, 50, 699-721.

Cooper, M.M.; Underwood, S.M.; Hilley, C.Z.; Klymkowsky, M. “Development and assessment of a molecular structure and properties learning progression” Journal of Chemical Education, 2012, 89, 1351-1357.

Underwood, S.M.; Reyes-Gastelum, D.; Cooper, M.M. “Answering the questions of whether and when student learning occurs: Using discrete-time survival analysis to investigate the ways in which college chemistry students’ ideas about structure-property relationships evolve”, Science Education, 2015, 99, 1055-1072.