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PhD in Chemistry: Radiochemistry

The PhD with a Radiochemistry track is situated within the current doctoral program in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. This track will prepare students with an interest in the broader chemical aspects of nuclear and radiological sciences, with academic coursework and research experience at the doctoral level.

Graduates of the program will have developed a strong expertise in both applied radiological sciences and chemistry, and will be able to find employment in these areas in industry, government, and academia. The requirements of the track are similar to those for doctoral students in chemistry but the majority of the coursework and the thesis research are in the general area of nuclear and radiochemistry. 

There is a strong local and national market for students with advanced training in the general area of nuclear and radiological sciences. The increasing importance of nuclear energy production with its very low carbon footprint, nuclear forensics, medical diagnostics based on radiological methods, and the ever-increasing problem of nuclear waste legacy ensure a strong and increasing demand for Ph.D. graduates who will manage the research and operational facilities in academia, government and nuclear industry.

Career Outlook

  • Analytical Chemist 
  • Nuclear Chemist 
  • Radiochemist